Growing Pains

North American Substation Services has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 5 years. As all business owners know, with unprecedented growth come a few growing pains.

We have partnered with NASS to build a software solution on top of their existing ERP system that has streamlined their entire operation from time of quote through billing the customer.

About NASS

North American Substation Services (NASS) is a nationally-recognized expert specializing in transformer and substation apparatus installation, services, and repair. NASS is dedicated to providing quality service and solutions that optimize the reliability of transformers and other substation equipment.

Problem: Existing ERP system had gaps in project lifecycle.

The ERP system in place at NASS didn’t allow for end-to-end project management. It was cumbersome for NASS staff to use and licensing fees were a concern with the tremendous growth of the company. The biggest gaps in the existing system included visibility into sales activities and the ability for field service managers to document daily work activity.

Solution: ZEUS – a web application to supplement existing ERP system.

We started this project by mapping out every step in their business process flow. We encapsulated each module and documented each step through the project lifecycle from a quote request all the way through billing the customer.

Develop of the web application was completed in phases that matched the modules we identified in the mapping process. This allowed for a phased rollout as new modules and features were completed throughout development.

Zeus allows NASS to:

  • Quoting and Contracts
  • Resource and Equipment Planning down to the day
  • Daily work reports to manage equipment, time and attendance etc.
  • Quicker billing cycle to clients
  • Communicate with ERP system to get customer and staff information and write back to ERP on job status, etc.


ZEUS has been utilized by the entire organization since 2017. The biggest win is the centralized place for everything related to a particular job. Gone are the days for searching email, local folders or SharePoint to find information related to a job.

  • Unified messaging and documentation across entire sales organization
  • Better communication between sales and operations
  • Utilizing collected data for reporting and forecasting
  • Was able to considerably grow headcount without additional backoffice staff

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